This cell is on the threshold of Decennial celebration. The cell works enthusiastically for the finest educational prosperity of the university which is a ray of new hope in the border region of Belagavi. In the contemporary scenario women have to grow socio-economically. This cell is a platform for women to expand horizons of knowledge by developing themselves as a new voice and a solid approach to current affairs, including the cultural and literary dimensions.


To open up to the new age of progress by coming out of stereotyped mindset through giving more emphasis on women’s self-dependence in the globalised and technological era.
The responsibility is to make women creatively and dynamically get active, to develop introspection, selfesteem, and self-prosperity. By coming out of dependency, gender discrimination, and inequality moving towards imprinting the self-identity the cell helps to take steps to reach specific aim.
To write a new definition of the progress by not moving backwards affected by social disparities and strengthening women educationally for the progress of talent resource and women’s potentiality.
By removing all the obstacles to experience the constitutional rights and duties, to live a respectful life in the humane and institutional life, with a positive perspective to cherish as a progressive thinker, the modern women have to keep a firm step in the new epoch.


To train and counsel the women to excel in the public sector with self-esteem as a representative of democracy.
This cell provides a platform to come out of inequality, illness, female foeticide, malnutrition, illiteracy, ravishment, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dowry, acid attack and exploitations in the name of superstitions. The cell strives to alleviate the atmosphere of harassment and prepare for the new age of change and human values for the peaceful life.