The Other Backward and Minority cell has been working in Rani Channamma University since inception. The Cell started with the intention of to protect the interest of OBC, post graduate students by implementing State and Central Government policies. In view of this the students are getting scholarship.
There are two boys PG hostels working in main camps viz., Brahmaputra and Krishna and the cell is helping OBC students obtained admission and stay in hostel. Further the Government offered scholarship to research scholar according to State government and University norms.


 To promote and empower the OBC students by ensuring scholarship according to government norms.
 To implement the central and state government schemes in order to upgrade the educational qualifications of OBC students.
 To fetch the required funds from government of Karnataka to discharge the obligations of University towards OBC students.
 To extend the financial support to OBC students according to government and University norms to attain their academic requirements.
 To offer trainings to OBC students to strengthen their skills and knowledge
 To make stronger the OBC cell in order to meet the different obligations of Cell towards OBC students.