Department of Chemistry was established in the year 2011 and offers M.Sc. & Ph.D. in CHEMISTRY. There are 6 permanent faculty members with excellent teaching and research experience.
The present intake for M.Sc. course is 45 and the admission is based on the merit cum roster system as per Govt. of Karnataka. The syllabus (CBSC Scheme) is on par with the curriculum framed in the best universities. The students will be trained and motivated to do their academics in the best possible manner. The board of studies (BOS) and Board of examiners (BOE) of the Dept. takes care of continuous upgradation of the syllabus and evaluation process. The campus interview is arranged for the outgoing students. Many of our students have cleared NET/SET and other competitive examinations and well placed in academic /research institute and industries.
The Ph.D. candidates are admitted based on the merit cum roster as per the RCU norms. Most of the Research scholars are working on full time basis in the lab of respective Research guides. University provide the Fellowship for OBC and SC/ST students as per Govt. of Karnataka norms.
All the faculty members are recognized as Research Guides and working on excellent research programmes in many branches of Chemistry. In additional to internal funding for Chemicals, Glasswares/ Minor Equipment’s, the external funding through Research Projects is mobilized to equip the Dept. with required Instrumental facilities (XRD, FTIR, ED-XRF, TG/DSC, GC, ED-XRF, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Photo catalytic reactors etc. are available in the Department).


● To provide the best education in chemical science in both theory and practical’s on par with the national and international standards.
● To provide a conducive environment for the integral growth and sustainable environmental through chemical sciences and correlate with the aligned subjects for the overall development with scientific temper.
● To provide a vibrant academic environment that imparts value addition to faculty and students to achieve personal and professional growth.

● Excellent teaching and research environment in tune with national and international standards.
● Continuous upgradation of the curriculum to meet the required standards and knowledge in chemical and aligned subjects.
● Possess the required physical infrastructure and scientific instrumental facilities.
● To strengthen research activities in collaboration with academic and industry partners, disseminate knowledge through scholarly publications and translate research excellence into economic and social benefits.