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The Director, CDC
Prof. S.M. Gangadharaiah
E-mail : cdc@rcub.ac.in

College Development Council (CDC) of Rani Channamma University, Belagavi plays a cabalistic role by functioning as an academic guide for the integrated development of affiliated colleges. The CDC department was established in the year 2010 with 272 colleges affiliated. In the year 2020, Rani Channamma University is affiliated to 389 colleges under the jurisdiction of Belagavi, Vijayapur and Bagalkot. In consultation with the University, the CDC takes the necessary steps that it deems fit for the promotion, co-ordination and elevation of the standards of education in these colleges. It serves as a link between the UGC, the AICTE, the NCTE, the Higher Education Department and Karnataka State Higher Education Council on the one hand and the affiliated colleges on the other.


• CDC acts as a focal point for the integrated development of affiliated colleges in the University.

• CDC reviews / inspects reports of the colleges and suggests remedies for rectifying the defects and irregularities observed in the process.

• CDC keeps close contact with the colleges and helps them in sustained development of academic and student amenities in the colleges, proper utilization of grants and effective implementation of UGC projects.

• CDC coordinates the process of evaluation and assessment of effective utilization of grants received by the affiliated colleges from the UGC and such other bodies.

• Ensures close and continued contact and interaction between the academic faculties of the University and teaching departments and the colleges.

• Organizes Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/Meetings to raise the standards of higher education in the affiliated colleges of the University.

• Performs such other functions as may be prescribed or deemed necessary by the University authorities for advancing the cause of higher education in the jurisdiction of Rani Channamma University.


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