Rani Channamma University was established by the Government of Karnataka in 2010 Territorial jurisdiction of RCU covers Bagalkot, Belgaum and Vijayapur districts. RCU at present has 408 plus affiliated colleges and Post Graduate Centre at Vijayapur, and Jamakhandi and one constituent college at Belagavi.

RCU has embarked on an ambitious plan of creating Centres of Excellence in several applied and professional fields of higher education. One such venture is the creation of School of Criminology and Criminal Justice to train high quality professional manpower to combat the growing menace of crimes, deviant behaviour, various new forms of anti-social and anti-national behaviour in the country under which M.Sc in Criminology and Forensic Science is started. In this effort there is a great need to develop trained, sophisticated and specialized professional manpower to fight the growing menace of crimes and anti-social behaviours in the country. This approach over the years has grown into professional fields of criminology and forensic Science as applied subject of great significance.
Profile of the Department:
Post Graduation of M.Sc program in Criminology and Forensic has been started in the Rani Channamma University at Belagavi (Karnataka) from the academic year 2021-22. M.Sc in Criminology and Forensic Science is a two-year postgraduate degree divided into four semesters. The course deals with the study of crime, causes, types of physical clues and evidences, investigative techniques etc. It imparts specific skills and training to students that include analyzing, identifying suspects through materials found on crime locations. The course enhances an in-depth understanding of forensic science principles, its policing, and criminal investigation through teaching and research. With the M.Sc in Criminology and Forensic Sciences Programme, students will be introduced to different forensic science techniques, photography techniques, and more to supervise the crime scene in different situations. This program places heavy emphasis on application of Criminological Sciences, Forensic Science knowledge and crime investigation skills etc to assist in the field of Criminal Justice. Forensic Science known as Criminalistics, applies the knowledge of sciences to justice purpose, it teaches legal standards of admissible evidences and criminal procedures that ensure during Crime Investigation.

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The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice as a premier centre of excellence for professional courses in the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice. To impart the skills of teaching, training, consultancy, investigative techniques and research in criminological professions-police, private detective work, juvenile and adult corrections, criminal justice, forensic science, Cybercrimes, victim assistance, and research methodology.

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice shall produce young professional leaders with an academic instruction and training in all inter-connected sub-disciplines of Criminology and Forensic Science. Criminology (theories of crime), Penology (including Correctional Administration), Victimology (including Victim Assistance and Victim Compensation), Police Science (including Police Administration), Forensic Sciences (Print Science and Investigative Techniques), Criminal Law and Jurisprudence, Applied criminological research and Teaching.