The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers five years UG and PG (3+2=5 years) programme which is unique in the country with Multi-disciplinary and Inter-disciplinary concept. The subject also offers Ph.D Programme. Presently, there are 4 permanent teaching faculty members actively engaged in teaching and research activities.

The main motto of School of Criminology and Criminal Justice in general is to produce most talented, skilled and trained students with building their capacity to contribute for national development and to serve for the noble cause of society and social justice. Apart from the regular teaching-learning process, the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice also inculcate a value system among the students through various co-curriculum and extension activities to teach them cultural pluralities and diversities.

The subject of Criminology and Criminal Justice covers all major specializations in the field. It is a professional course with emphasis on development of necessary skills for Criminological professions like police, prisons, corrections, juvenile institutions, probation, private security management, private detective works, forensic science experts in finger prints and questioned documents.

In each semester, students have been trained Police Science and Forensic Science Practicals in the Laboratory- Like, Fingerprints, Questioned Documents, Hair and Fibre Examinations, Blood Test Examinations, Footprints and Simulated Scene of Crimes of Homicidal, Suicidal Accidental etc. The field work placement is also compulsory in different criminology and criminal justice related agencies to give them first-hand information. These exposures of skill training will be very helpful to the students who are willing to join Police, Prison and Correctional Services, Defence services, Private Detectives, Security Management and Forensic Science Experts in Fingerprints and Question Documents etc.

The Research Dissertation Projects are compulsory for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree in Sixth and Fourth Semesters respectively, the courses of Research Methodology, Statistical Application and use of computers is being taught. The Research Dissertation Projects helps students to gain experience in the application of Research methodology and Statistical Application concepts to the chosen problem.


The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice as a premier centre of excellence for professional courses in the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice. To develop capacity building and impart the skills of teaching, training, consultancy and research to empower in criminological professions and serve the nation by joining police, prison, juvenile and adult corrections, Criminal Justice, forensic science, Internal Security Management, private detective work, and research arena.


The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice shall produce young professional leaders with an academic instruction and training in all inter-connected sub-disciplines of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Criminology, Penology (including Correctional Administration), Victimology (including Victim Assistance and Victim Compensation), Police Science (including Police Administration), Forensic Sciences, Criminal Law and Jurisprudence, Applied criminological research and Teaching.