The School of Classical Kannada Studies is one of the most prominent and independent School in the Rani Channamma University, Belagavi. It was started in 2010. Earlier it was a Department before the Rani Channamma University emerged. When it was P.G. Centre of Karnataka University, Dharwad. Now the School is exists with the Independent faculty. Separate Dean was appointed for this School.
The School of Classical Kannada Studies is a vibrant institution to serve the Kannada, Kannadiga, Karnataka and its culture and Literature. It has eight Dedicated Teaching Faculty and adequate Non-Teaching Staff. It is situated In bilingual geographical and border area of Karnataka and Maharastra States. The School is working as a bridge between two different culture, language and Literature. Under this School Ph.D in Kannada, M.A. Kannada, P.G. Diploma in Translation and P.G. Diploma in Vachana Studies course were running. In Future, the School has prepared to start P.G. Programme in Linguistics, P.G. Programme in Folklore Studies, P.G. Diploma in Jainalogy, P.G. Diploma in Gandhian Studies.

To project the Knowledge of Classical Kannada and Its Culture in the Global Level.

1. Ancient Valuable Knowledge which is extracted in the Kannada Language, Literature and Life Style will be spread out to the Universe.
2. Goal: To Spread out the Classical Kannada Literature in the classical Manner. To create the awareness the strength of Kannada and its Knowledge.