The Department of Botany is established within the School of Basic Sciences of Rani Channamma University. The Department of Botany, RCUB is established in 2015 and programme is running in association with G.S. Science College Belagavi. The department is committed to import Botanical Education of high quality and to make impressive impact in Research. Department of Botany is striving to train young minds in Botany. Until July 2019, a total of approximately 84 students have graduated from our department, each of them playing an active role in various fields. Presently department running with full time THREE guest faculty and university is in the processes of filling permanent faculty for the department. Nevertheless, students are encouraged in field work to local forest visit and study important useful medicinal plant identification and report as dissertation in 4th semester curriculum.


Botany Department has started with the vision to provide the high-quality education in Plant science contributing to tackle fundamental challenges in Global Food Security, Sustainable Development and Protecting the Environment.


Department of Botany is committed to

• Creating teaching and research learning of basic and applied sciences to build a knowledge base and promote quality initiatives in plant science.
• To enhance, enrich and empower scientific knowledge to meet the social needs.
• To provide ample of opportunities with collaboration with forest, horticulture departments.

• Providing qualitative education and personality enhancement to utilize opportunities offered by the society at a global level.
• Ensuring gender justice and religious harmony.
• Imparting education that is functionally useful, socially relevant and morally to meet the challenging demands of the present society.