The Department of History is a large vibrant intellectual community. The faculty members students, staff & alumni of Department of History are actively engaged in an enormous range of activities involving research, publishing, teaching, learning & public outreach.


The University will be a self-benchmark of academic excellence, disseminating and advancing knowledge in globalized world, where convergence of inter-disciplinary studies and research emerges to create a pool of world-class Human Resource to serve for the well-being of all the sections of the society.


• By imparting innovative and quality education of global standards and produce skilled human resources.
• By fostering educational programs in various disciplines including inter-disciplinary based on interaction with society and industry.
• By designing co-curricular activities to develop the holistic personality of the students and to blend professionalism with ethics to enable students to face the challenges of contemporary society, in particular to meet the local needs.


• To apply for the Major Research Project
• Survey of Historical Places of Belagavi District.
• Field work for the unidentified historical places at Vijayapura District.
• To organize good number of Seminars, Workshops and Conferences.
• To arrange good number of special lecture’s from different state universities.
• To publish at-least 2more books on Art and Architecture and Tourism Subjects.
• To guide Post-Doctoral Fellowship research scholars.