The department of Zoology is established within the school of basic sciences of Rani Channamma University. There department of Zoology, RCUB is established in the year 2020 and program is running in association with G.S. Science College Belagavi. The department is committed to impart Zoology education of high quality and to make impressive impact in research. Department of Zoology is striving to train young minds in Zoology. Presently department is running with full-time guest faculty and in university in the process of filling permanent faculty for the department. Nevertheless, students are encouraged in the field work and to visit nearby spots of biodiversity to study important, useful animals and other organisms for the identification and report as a dissertation in 4th semester curriculum.


To establish the department as premier centre of teaching, learning and research in basic science to study Zoology to provide high-quality value-based post graduate education and impart skills to meet regional and global challenges.


 Department of Zoology is committed to creating learning and research environment for basic and applied sciences, to build a knowledge based, and promote quality initiatives in Zoology.
 To equip students with adequate practical skills, that will enable them to meet the needs of the society.
 To provide exposure and create awareness among students towards biodiversity and wildlife conservation by collaboration with forest and animal husbandry departments.
 To enrich and empower the students with scientific knowledge and skills to meet the needs of current competent world.