Gymkhana is the regulatory body governingall cultural, sports and extracurricular activities of the university. With an amazing array of extracurricularactivities, Rani Channamma University Gymkhana is a wonderful place for exploring the different facets of cultural and sports. Cultural activities include various performing and non-performing arts which are unique and nurturethe talent. Sports are structured so as to help every aspirant to find his or her level and improve from there. Students at Rani Channamma University engage themselves in large number of extracurricular activities. This involvement in the campus activities is an impetus for self realization, and helps to maintain a healthy balance between academic rigor and the social life.


“Indentifying the hidden abilities and talents to reach the global arena through RCU gymkhana”


1. To create sensation of presence of Gymkhana as one of the important destination in extracurricular activities;
2. To provide a right podium to excel in sports and Cultural activates;
3. To provide exclusive attentions for potential students and to lead them to the next stages of explorations with right professional bodies;
4. To provide coaching facilities and organize sports competitions and tournaments between at different levels of University colleges and gymkhanas.


Gymkhana at Rani channammaUniversitycomprises of faculties and students. The university nominates President and Vice-presidents for cultural and Sports activities for a term of two year.
The student union is formed on throughdemocratic process, At the department level each department students selects Gymkhana representative (Boy and Girl) and all the gymkhana representatives elects 6 union members General Secretary (Boy), Lady Secretary(Girl)., Sport Secretary and CulturalSecretary (Boy and Girl). The structure of Gymkhana looks likes pyramid.