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• CDC invites application from the managements and colleges on annual basis for the affiliation and co-ordinates inspections to the colleges through the Local Inquiry Committee (LIC) for verification of the basic infrastructure, laboratories, faculty members, library, construction of building, own land and such other basic amenities available in the colleges.

• Based on the recommendation of the LIC and approval by the competent authorities, CDC will facilities the process of recognition or affiliation of the colleges and courses on temporary or permanent basis.

• CDC applies the following steps to adopt while giving affiliation to new colleges.


STEP 1: Inviting Application through News Paper Advertisement
Every academic year CDC will obtain administrative approval for inviting applications through newspapers advertisement.

STEP 2: Scrutiny of Application
CDC will scrutiny all received applications as per the norms of the University.

STEP 3: Place it before Syndicate for Considerations
CDC will prepare category wise applications and separate it in the form of list. After verifying the all application, the proposal will be submitted to University requesting the Registrar to place it before syndicate for consideration and approval.

STEP 4: Sending LIC Committees to Inspect the Infrastructure
CDC Director will prepare list in accordance with the subjects/colleges and suggest members of LIC Committee for administration approval. The approved list of members will be sent for LIC Committee for inspection and details verification of infrastructure of the colleges.

STEP 5: Place all the Report before Academic Council and Syndicate for approval
After visiting the colleges the suggested committee will submit LIC reports to CDC. The office of the CDC will scrutinizes all the LIC reports and requested the university authority to place it before Academic Council (AC) and Syndicate for the approval.

STEP 6: Forwarding the necessary reports to Higher Education for further approval
After approval of all submitted proposals will sent to the Higher Education for its consideration and order for approval.

STEP 7: Issuing University approval for New College/Courses as per Government order and also to existing colleges
Based on the approval order from the Government the university will prepare notification after fulfillment of conditions. The university will issue temporary affiliation to the colleges/ new colleges/courses and other categories of affiliation etc.