The Department of Journalism and Mass communication was established in the year 2016 with the initiative taken by the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Shivanand B Hosamani and Registrar Dr. Siddu P Algur. It was the biggest dream to begin the department in RCU by these eminent personalities of the Univeristy. The was established students of Vijayapur, Bagalkot and Belagavi district to specialize in the field of Mass Communication.


The Department aims to contribute to the society through imparting a dynamic flair for writing, creative bent of mind, adept in photo and video editing as well as innovative and professional use of the mass media, The expansion and increasing competition amongst the players in the media industry, along with the promising career in the field of Journalism and in other various other avenues, have created considerable scope or Journalism in India. To empower young minds to achieve excellence and commitment to disseminate value based information for nation building.


This post-graduate JMC program will help students to develop ethical, well rounded, responsible and talented professionals, who would manage and lead media organizations using analytical, innovative, creative and out-of-the-box approaches,. The program’s objective is to produce graduates with knowledge in Journalism and Mass Communication, preparing them to be leaders in Media and Mass Communication, sectors.