• About the Department

    • The Rani Channamma University as a new University embarked on an ambitious plan of creating Centers of Excellence, in several applied and professional fields of higher education. One such venture is the creation of School of Criminology and Criminal Justice (SCCJ) to train high quality Professional manpower for combating the growing menace of crimes, delinquency and new forms of anti-social and anti-national behavior in the country.
    • The SCCJ offers five years programme starting after 12th standard or Pre-University course leading to Master Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice is unique in the country. In SCCJ, at the UG level 24 courses including certain options are being taught unlike just 8 courses in any subject in the routine Under Graduate Courses. At the P.G.level another 26 courses (24+24+28+28=104 Credits) will be offered. Thus a total of 50 papers in a single subject of Criminology and Criminal justice will covered almost all major specializations in the field. It is a professional course with emphasis on development of necessary skills for criminological professions - police, private detective work, corrections, and Forensic Science, and Juvenile Institutions, prisons, probation for which weekly one day field work in each semester in different institutions of criminal justice is compulsory. Courses of Research Methodology, Statistical applications and use of computers are compulsory. In the sixth semester of Bachelor’s Degree, a Research Project is also compulsory which carries 50 Marks. The Research Project helps students to gain experience in the application of Research Methodology and Statistical concepts to the chosen problem. Students passing out of SCCJ will be competent to teach research and work in any of the specialized fields. The forth batch of Under Graduate Programme shall come out in 2018 and the third batch of P.G.Programme shall come out in July, 2018.

    Vision And Mission Statement Of The Department


    The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice as a premier center of excellence for professional courses in the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice. To impart the skills of teaching, training, consultancy and research in criminological professions-police, private detective work, juvenile and adult corrections, Criminal Justice, forensic science and research methodology.


    The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice shall produce young professional leaders with an academic instruction and training in all inter-connected sub-disciplines of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Criminology, Penology (including Correctional Administration), Victimology (including Victim Assistance and Victim Compensation), Police Science (including Police Administration), Forensic Sciences, Criminal Law and Jurisprudence, Applied criminological research and Teaching. 


    1. To impart the skills of teaching, consultancy and research in criminological professions.
    2. To produce young professional leaders to create awareness in society about the Law and Justice through mechanism of Criminology and Criminal Justice System.
    3. To protect and promote the Human Rights enshrined in the Indian constitution as well as in the international laws.
    4. To maintain peace, harmony and tranquility by maintaining law and order in the society.
  • Facualty Details

    Sl No.Name of the teacher /Email IDPhoto Of The FacaultyQualificationDesignation
    01 Dr.R.N.Mangoli.
    M.A., SLET Ph.D Associate Professor Director & Chairman
    02 Dr.Nandini.G.Devermani
    M.A., SLET Ph.D Assistant Professor
    03 Shri.Chandrashekar.S.V
    M.A., NET (Ph.D) Assistant Professor
    04 Mrs.Maheshwari.kachapur
    MSW, NET, M.Phil, (Ph.D) Assistant Professor
  • Projects, Training And Consulatancy

                The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice undertakes field projects funded by various organizations such as Bureau of Police Research and Development, Police Departments, Child Development Department, Police Departments, Child Development Department, Legal Service Authorities, State Human Rights Commission.


    The School also organized periodically seminars and symposia on various current problems and issues in the fields of criminal justice and publishes the proceedings occasionally at the request of institutions and government Departments in the fields of Criminal Justice, short term training programs are conducted by the SCCJ to the staff working in Juvenile institutions, Jails and JJB, CWC etc,.


  • Activities Of The Department

    I feel proud to present the report of the students associations for the year 2016-17. The Association was inaugurated on 03rd Oct 2016 by Shri. T G Krishna Bhat, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Belagavi. Which was followed by a special lecture on “Role of public in maintaining Law and Order”

    On 24th Nov 2016 MOU was signed between RCU and Dharwad Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science. A special Lecture was delivered by Dr. Ravish B N, Director, DIMHANS on the topic “Fitness to stand Trail”

    Community extension activities were organized by the Department at the adopted village Bambarga and Bhutaramanhatti on 2nd November 2016.

    The first Extension Activity was taken up on awareness of the legal Aid Service. It was a door to door campaign on 6th Feb 2017 “Child Marriage” awareness program was organized in association with the District Legal Aid Cell, Belagavi.

    On 25th Oct 2016 Special Lecture and awareness programme on HIV/AIDS Prevention was organized in association with District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit, Belagavi.

    Extension programme was organized at the Central Prison, Hindalaga on 8th Dec 2016. Dr. Anand Pandurange was the Chief Guest, Shri. T N Shesha, Superintendent of Prison informed the inmates how to lead their life in the society after their release.

    On 28th December 2016 visited to the Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Belagavi and Dharwad Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science.

    On 23rd March 2017 is the landmark for SCCJ,RCUB on this day we not only organized one day National Conference on “Human Rights and Criminal Justice System” at Kuvempu Hall , RCU Belagavi as well as inaugurated the Forensic Science Laboratory by Shri. Sangangouda Davalagi, Executive Director, Price Water House Corporation Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.


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